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Charter Schools Group Applauds Congressional Action to Stop Discrimination Against Online Charter School Students Interested in Serving in the Armed Forces

Today the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools praised the inclusion of a provision in the Fiscal Year 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that will prohibit the Department of Defense … Continue reading

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OKLAHOMA: Barresi calls for regulations for virtual charter schools

State Superintendent Janet Barresi is calling for legislation to strengthen academic and financial standards for the state’s virtual charter schools. Although a strong proponent of these schools, she believes that … Continue reading

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WISCONSIN: Bill would allow charter schools to expand free of districts, unions

Wisconsin could see a dramatic rise in the number of charter schools operating outside of districts and without teachers unions, under a new Assembly bill brought by Republicans that would … Continue reading

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MAINE tightens virtual charter school laws

Among the specific requirements now required is weekly face-to-face time between students and instructors. AUGUSTA – Maine’s Charter School Commission is tightening its rules for virtual charter schools and likely … Continue reading

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Mayor Vincent Gray says D.C. must ‘stay the course’ in improving schools

The District must “stay the course” in its efforts to improve its schools, Mayor Vincent C. Gray said Thursday, arguing that the city needs to tweak its policies, not overhaul … Continue reading

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NEW JERSEY: Newark Proposes New Charter Admissions Policy

Charter-school operators often have to defend themselves against accusations that they find ways to admit only the best students who apply, leading to higher test scores. Officials in Newark hope … Continue reading

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MAINE: House and Senate agree that charter schools should be totally nonprofit

AUGUSTA, Maine — A bill that would require charter schools to be operated by nonprofit organizations passed successfully through both the House and Senate. LD 671, An Act to Protect … Continue reading

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PENNSYLVANIA: Bill would revise charter school law

NEW CASTLE — A state lawmaker has proposed that all special education services for cyber school students be funneled through the state’s regional educational intermediate units. The move is intended … Continue reading

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OHIO: Law on charters still needs work

A decade after Ohio’s first charter schools opened, state law still falls short of ensuring full accountability for private parties using tax dollars to operate public schools. A recent report … Continue reading

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Is PENNSYLVANIA ready for statewide charter authorizer?

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The cost and quality of charter schools is dominating the public education debate in Pennsylvania. At least a dozen major bills seek better accountability and governance of … Continue reading

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INDIANA legislature: Looser rules on selling old schools advancing

Indiana legislators are poised to approve shortening the time that school districts must hold onto vacant buildings in case a charter school operator wanted to move into the building. The … Continue reading

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IDAHO: Charter bills face a Senate floor showdown

Two controversial charter school bills face a potential fight on the Senate floor, when lawmakers get their chance to amend them. The Senate Education Committee sent both bills to the … Continue reading

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