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Charter Schools Group Applauds Congressional Action to Stop Discrimination Against Online Charter School Students Interested in Serving in the Armed Forces

Today the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools praised the inclusion of a provision in the Fiscal Year 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that will prohibit the Department of Defense … Continue reading

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OKLAHOMA: Barresi calls for regulations for virtual charter schools

State Superintendent Janet Barresi is calling for legislation to strengthen academic and financial standards for the state’s virtual charter schools. Although a strong proponent of these schools, she believes that … Continue reading

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WISCONSIN: Bill would allow charter schools to expand free of districts, unions

Wisconsin could see a dramatic rise in the number of charter schools operating outside of districts and without teachers unions, under a new Assembly bill brought by Republicans that would … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON: Charter school supporters claim victory in mixed court ruling

Supporters and opponents of Washington State’s new charter school law both found good news in a judge’s ruling today that found part of the charter law unconstitutional. Both sides agree … Continue reading

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America’s Attitudes Towards Education Reform: Executive Summary

Power and Options The American People Want Power and They Want Options. A plurality of Americans says that parents should have more power over their child’s education, including access to … Continue reading

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The President’s Pre-K Proposal: How Charter Schools Fit In

Last week, the president’s proposal to expand access to full-day, high-quality pre-kindergarten programs for four-year olds from low- to moderate-income families was introduced in the House and the Senate. The … Continue reading

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NEW MEXICO: New charter school approved in Taos despite opposition

Despite opposition from the Public Education Commission and district superintendent, a new charter school is set to open in Taos next school year. In September 2012, the Public Education Commission … Continue reading

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Can States Show Congress the Way?

The end of the government shut down and the threat of a default are over for now.  Analysts and pundits are sharing their summaries of what happened, and offering competing … Continue reading

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LOUISIANA: Charter schools will run RSD next school year

The state announced new plans Tuesday for the seven low-performing schools it took over in Baton Rouge, providing space to four charter groups for classes next fall and allowing two … Continue reading

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Charter schools in WYOMING need path to success

Finally, a report on education reform that doesn’t criticize Wyoming. The Center for Education Reform [earlier this year] released a study on the problems with charter school authorizers. Many of … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: Pasco district changes procedures for reviewing charter schools

Pasco County school district officials found several deficiencies in the Pepin Academies application to open a charter school in the county. In the past, that would have been enough for … Continue reading

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Unpacking the Special Education Story

One of the most pervasive criticisms of charter schools is that they either find ways around accepting or strategically counsel out students with special needs. These criticisms have been fueled … Continue reading

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