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TENNESSEE: With $2M investment, KIPP Nashville plans more charter schools

The Charter School Growth Fund-Tennessee, a public-private investment partnership that funds growth of charter schools, is investing $2 million in KIPP Nashville to support expansion, the organization announced today. KIPP … Continue reading

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Department of Ed. Outlines Proposed Priorities for Charter School Grantees

Charter school operators competing for federal grants are getting a first look at what the U.S. Department of Education would like to see in this year’s applications—and a chance to … Continue reading

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ARIZONA: More money for charter schools should mean higher expectations

For four years, Arizona charter schools have been arguing in court that they get a raw deal from the Legislature. Traditional school districts, they say, unfairly and unconstitutionally get more … Continue reading

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PENNSYLVANIA: In charter reform debate, cyber schools deserve fair treatment too

Alyssa Weaver is a poster-child for the benefits of choice in public education. At the age of twelve, Alyssa was diagnosed with a crippling case of scoliosis which, in decades … Continue reading

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MICHIGAN: Contrary to Report, Charter Schools Get Less Money Per Pupil Than Conventional Schools

Media runs with faulty claim that charter public schools at fault for conventional schools financial problems Michigan charter public schools have “generous” state funding and pose a growing risk for … Continue reading

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ARIZONA charter schools want an extra $135 million a year

PHOENIX — The state’s charter schools are demanding more money from taxpayers, to the tune of $135 million a year. Attorney Kory Langhofer said lawmakers are not living up to … Continue reading

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RHODE ISLAND charter schools lack adequate state support, report finds

ACCORDING TO A NEW report released Wednesday by the Rhode Island League of Charter Schools, 89 percent of Rhode Island’s public charter schools plan to increase enrollment over the next … Continue reading

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RHODE ISLAND: Charter school wins $2.2-million grant to expand its network

CUMBERLAND — Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy has received a $2.2-million grant from the Charter School Growth Fund, a nonprofit organization that raises money to help expand charter school networks. … Continue reading

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HAWAII: How Do You Measure Equal Funding for Schools?

There are three legs to the public education-funding stool: facilities, teachers, and administrative support. The issue of unequal funding is most often heard from the charter schools, whose students and … Continue reading

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PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia school crisis not a question of choice

Charter schools and tax-credit scholarships aren’t responsible for the crisis in Philadelphia public schools, said Priya Abraham, senior policy analyst at the Commonwealth Foundation, despite claims of some public school … Continue reading

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TENNESSEE: Metro school board, council begin talks on projected $23M budget shortfall

Metro school officials continued pointing to the rising cost of operating charter schools Thursday, but this time they had Metro Council members to their side as the two parties began … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: Ed funding issues are most pressing for school choice options

With Florida now spending less per student than it did six years ago and less than at least three-fourths of the states, there is plausible case to be made for … Continue reading

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