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NEW YORK: It’s about the kids, Bill

The new mayor has to help, not hurt, charter schools The mayor-elect is on the cusp of tapping a new chancellor to lead New York City’s largest-in-the-nation, 1.1 million student … Continue reading

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PENNSYLVANIA: In charter reform debate, cyber schools deserve fair treatment too

Alyssa Weaver is a poster-child for the benefits of choice in public education. At the age of twelve, Alyssa was diagnosed with a crippling case of scoliosis which, in decades … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Survive a Biting ‘Rain of Terror’

Charter schools, once little more than glass miniatures, are proving to be the toughest, most enduring of all education reforms. When Minnesota passed the first charter law in 1990, the … Continue reading

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MICHIGAN: Contrary to Report, Charter Schools Get Less Money Per Pupil Than Conventional Schools

Media runs with faulty claim that charter public schools at fault for conventional schools financial problems Michigan charter public schools have “generous” state funding and pose a growing risk for … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON State Should Reject Charter School Opponents’ Failed Tactics

In November 2012, Washington state voters became the first in the country to approve a public charter school law by a ballot initiative. Initiative 1240 authorized the creation of 40 … Continue reading

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KENTUCKY: Why I support charter schools

Earlier this week I was tremendously honored to be named to the board of directors for the Kentucky Charter Schools Association.  It was exciting to join such a diverse and … Continue reading

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MICHIGAN: Charters elevate our public schools

It’s unfortunate that the Enquirer chose to pit one type of public school against another in its Nov. 25 editorial (“Charters, choice are strangling our public schools.”) Rather than focusing … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: San Fernando Valley charter schools unite to form advocacy council

After a change in Los Angeles Unified’s funding policy sent their numbers soaring, the 42 affiliated charter schools in the San Fernando Valley have formed an official council that will … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Lead the Way on STEM

Over the next decade, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the United States will create 9.2 million jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In order to fill these … Continue reading

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INDIANA: Time to deal with reality of charter schools as 2nd in size to IPS

Last week, this column revealed the real facts about white families fleeing Indianapolis’ quality township schools and the depths of racial diversity in Indy’s major school districts. This week, this … Continue reading

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PENNSYLVANIA: Lawmakers need to pass charter school reform bill now

As the Pennsylvania General Assembly takes a hard look at our public charter school system, it’s important to take a step back and remember what this is all about: ensuring … Continue reading

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TENNESSEE and D.C. lead education reform

Learn a lesson from two places that were once losers in school evolution. How often does Tennessee get cited nationally for producing great academic gains for its children? Almost never, … Continue reading

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