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Innovative Enrollment Initiative Gives Students Real Choice

If we’re serious about reforming public education in our nation, we have to ensure all our kids have access to high-quality schools. Newark, New Jersey, is launching an innovative new … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Group Applauds Congressional Action to Stop Discrimination Against Online Charter School Students Interested in Serving in the Armed Forces

Today the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools praised the inclusion of a provision in the Fiscal Year 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that will prohibit the Department of Defense … Continue reading

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OKLAHOMA: Barresi calls for regulations for virtual charter schools

State Superintendent Janet Barresi is calling for legislation to strengthen academic and financial standards for the state’s virtual charter schools. Although a strong proponent of these schools, she believes that … Continue reading

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WISCONSIN: Bill would allow charter schools to expand free of districts, unions

Wisconsin could see a dramatic rise in the number of charter schools operating outside of districts and without teachers unions, under a new Assembly bill brought by Republicans that would … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON: Charter school supporters claim victory in mixed court ruling

Supporters and opponents of Washington State’s new charter school law both found good news in a judge’s ruling today that found part of the charter law unconstitutional. Both sides agree … Continue reading

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TENNESSEE: With $2M investment, KIPP Nashville plans more charter schools

The Charter School Growth Fund-Tennessee, a public-private investment partnership that funds growth of charter schools, is investing $2 million in KIPP Nashville to support expansion, the organization announced today. KIPP … Continue reading

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NEW YORK: It’s about the kids, Bill

The new mayor has to help, not hurt, charter schools The mayor-elect is on the cusp of tapping a new chancellor to lead New York City’s largest-in-the-nation, 1.1 million student … Continue reading

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Department of Ed. Outlines Proposed Priorities for Charter School Grantees

Charter school operators competing for federal grants are getting a first look at what the U.S. Department of Education would like to see in this year’s applications—and a chance to … Continue reading

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ARIZONA: More money for charter schools should mean higher expectations

For four years, Arizona charter schools have been arguing in court that they get a raw deal from the Legislature. Traditional school districts, they say, unfairly and unconstitutionally get more … Continue reading

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PENNSYLVANIA: In charter reform debate, cyber schools deserve fair treatment too

Alyssa Weaver is a poster-child for the benefits of choice in public education. At the age of twelve, Alyssa was diagnosed with a crippling case of scoliosis which, in decades … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Survive a Biting ‘Rain of Terror’

Charter schools, once little more than glass miniatures, are proving to be the toughest, most enduring of all education reforms. When Minnesota passed the first charter law in 1990, the … Continue reading

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MICHIGAN: Contrary to Report, Charter Schools Get Less Money Per Pupil Than Conventional Schools

Media runs with faulty claim that charter public schools at fault for conventional schools financial problems Michigan charter public schools have “generous” state funding and pose a growing risk for … Continue reading

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