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The Gates Foundation Invests in Charter Schools in Washington

In 2012, the State of Washington announced the narrow passage of a voter initiative authorizing the creation of the state’s first charter schools. In 2013, with support from The Gates … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON: Private school for disadvantaged students will become state’s first charter school

SEATTLE — A non-tuition private school serving students who are homeless or who have suffered abuse or poverty, will become Washington’s first charter school when they open in the fall of … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON: Good charter schools have role when innovation is needed

My opinion of charter schools has evolved as the schools and the movement itself have evolved. Early on, I was skeptical, but I came to appreciate what the best charter … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON: Education officials approve plans for 7 charter schools

SEATTLE — The Washington State Charter School Commission voted Thursday to approve seven applications for charter schools, all in Western Washington. Another 12 schools were denied a charter at a … Continue reading

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Spokane OKs first charter school in Washington

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — The first charter school in Washington has been approved for a fall 2015 opening in Spokane. The Spokane Public Schools board approved the application Wednesday for Pride Prep. Pride Prep … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON: 5 potential charter schools for Yakima County

Nineteen potential charter schools have applied for opening across the state, five of them in Yakima County. Some of those could open as early as next year. Just what will … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON: Charter school supporters claim victory in mixed court ruling

Supporters and opponents of Washington State’s new charter school law both found good news in a judge’s ruling today that found part of the charter law unconstitutional. Both sides agree … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON State Should Reject Charter School Opponents’ Failed Tactics

In November 2012, Washington state voters became the first in the country to approve a public charter school law by a ballot initiative. Initiative 1240 authorized the creation of 40 … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON: Charter schools following an upward trajectory

Washington is getting its first glimpse of what public charter schools will look like in this state. Eight of them are to be launched next year under Initiative 1240, approved … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON: Pierce County charter schools applicants have unique approaches, pasts

Here is a synopsis of proposed Pierce County charter schools that the state Charter School Commission will evaluate over the next few months. GREEN DOT PUBLIC SCHOOLS Los Angeles-based charter … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON: 22 Contenders Vie To Become State’s First Charter Schools

A military school for at-risk youth. A high school that uses sports to teach life lessons. A school focused on special education. These are three of the 22 proposals for Washington … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON charter schools will target broad spectrum

SEATTLE — Dropouts, gang members, kids who love sports, children with disabilities and creative youngsters who can’t sit still are among the children charter school developers say they’ll teach in … Continue reading

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