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RHODE ISLAND: Determined Parents Start a School for Atypical Kids

Dr. Amy Pratt looks me dead in the eye when she says, “The Greene Charter School would not exist if it weren’t for me and the parents.” Christa Andrews, another … Continue reading

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RHODE ISLAND: The Mayors’ Charter Schools

Innovation facilitates socioeconomic integration and high performance In 2007, the case could be made that Rhode Island had, dollar for dollar, the worst-performing public education system in the United States. … Continue reading

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RHODE ISLAND charter schools lack adequate state support, report finds

ACCORDING TO A NEW report released Wednesday by the Rhode Island League of Charter Schools, 89 percent of Rhode Island’s public charter schools plan to increase enrollment over the next … Continue reading

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RHODE ISLAND: Sensitivity to nature must begin at early age

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans in the developed world have increasingly isolated themselves from the natural world. For 70 years, the number of people raised on farms has declined steadily. … Continue reading

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RHODE ISLAND: Charter school wins $2.2-million grant to expand its network

CUMBERLAND — Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy has received a $2.2-million grant from the Charter School Growth Fund, a nonprofit organization that raises money to help expand charter school networks. … Continue reading

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RHODE ISLAND: Despite Critics Achievement First Charter School Up And Running

Achievement First is a brand new charter school in Providence. It also has schools in Connecticut and New York.  Critics fought hard to keep it from opening in Rhode Island, … Continue reading

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Vouchers improve, don’t threaten, existing RHODE ISLAND school systems

The Ocean State has tested the waters with school choice for six years. As other states leap ahead of Rhode Island in the educational opportunities provided to families, it appears … Continue reading

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RHODE ISLAND: Nowell Leadership Academy serves at-risk high school students

The Sheila C. “Skip” Nowell Leadership Academy is a new Rhode Island charter school that aims to provide a specific blend of support to at-risk high school students — especially … Continue reading

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The Highest + Lowest Performing Charter Schools in RHODE ISLAND

Charter schools vary widely in the performance of their students, with some soaring far above the statewide average while others lag behind their peers and even other public schools, data … Continue reading

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RHODE ISLAND: Achievement First transforms Providence middle school into ‘warm-strict, warm-demanding’ charter

PROVIDENCE — Perry Middle School has been called so many things: a failing school, a toxic climate, a disciplinary nightmare, a leadership revolving door. For years, it was the poster … Continue reading

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Four new RHODE ISLAND charter schools proposed for fall 2014

PROVIDENCE — Four new charter schools are in the pipeline, including two schools proposed by Providence school leaders, a Chinese immersion program, and a science and engineering-themed school in Newport. … Continue reading

July 6, 2013 · 1 Comment

RHODE ISLAND 2013 conference was a success!

On Tuesday, March 12, we held our 5th annual Rhode Island League of Charter Schools Consortium at CCRI in Warwick. We were thrilled at the great turn out this year … Continue reading

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