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OHIO: Ohio lawmakers seek to tighten accountability for charter schools

COLUMBUS: House and Senate Democrats will announce legislation Tuesday that aims to increase transparency of public money that private organizations and businesses use in managing charter schools. Mike Rowe, communications … Continue reading

April 7, 2014 · Leave a comment

OHIO: One application and one lottery for Cleveland district schools and charter schools: Coming soon?

CLEVELAND – Cleveland’s school lottery Monday was just an appetizer for a bigger one that could be coming soon. In a few years, some hope, we could have one large lottery for … Continue reading

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OHIO: Two new charter schools win the backing of the Cleveland school district

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cleveland school district agreed Tuesday to support two new charter schools that will add to the mix of charter and district schools that families and students … Continue reading

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Just 29, OHIO native launches charter school in Detroit

Detroit — Janiya Tinsley is committed to her education. “I don’t like when people distract me from learning,” she says firmly. “Right now, I’m learning how to read by learning strategies … Continue reading

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OHIO: U.S. Education Department Announces First-of-Its Kind Resolution of Virtual Charter School Civil Rights Investigation

The U.S. Department of Education announced today that its Office for Civil Rights has entered into an agreement with Virtual Community School of Ohio to ensure compliance with Section 504 … Continue reading

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LOUISIANA: Charter schools will run RSD next school year

The state announced new plans Tuesday for the seven low-performing schools it took over in Baton Rouge, providing space to four charter groups for classes next fall and allowing two … Continue reading

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Superheroes race through OHIO City for Breakthrough Schools

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Superheroes bounded through the streets of Ohio City on Sunday, raising money for Breakthrough Schools; nine Cleveland non-profit charter schools ranked as the highest-performing in the state. … Continue reading

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OHIO: Community, charter schools the same

The campaign for Issue 50, the Columbus City Schools’ property-tax levy that would for the first time share money with high-performing charter schools, has a Q&A on its website that … Continue reading

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OHIO: Don’t Look at School Report Cards For What Parents Really Want to Know About Schools

When Chelsea Roberts was deciding where to send her son to high school, her goal was to find a school where her son would succeed. “I don’t ever want to set … Continue reading

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Diane Ravitch’s Charter Narrative Is Incomplete

The education historian Diane Ravitch is barnstorming the country promoting her new book Reign of Error. Ravitch is a fantastic story teller who selectively uses data and anecdotes to make a … Continue reading

September 30, 2013 · 1 Comment

OHIO report cards: Charter schools are growing, but are still a small part of state’s education landscape

CLEVELAND, Ohio — More and more students are attending charter schools in Ohio each year, but charters still remain a small part of the state’s education system. That’s not the … Continue reading

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2013 OHIO School Performance Results: Charter Schools Continue to Provide High Quality Options

Columbus, OH – For six of the past seven years and for the fourth year in a row, charter schools located in Ohio’s Big 8 urban areas had stronger overall … Continue reading

September 10, 2013 · Leave a comment


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