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NEW JERSEY: Charter schools association files ethics complaint against Rutgers professor, SOSNJ founder

Contending that a Rutgers professor and public schools advocate has used her position, title and state university resources to wage a personally driven campaign against them, a group representing the … Continue reading

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NEW JERSEY: In Newark Charter schools popular for elementary, district for high school

In the first round of the universal enrollment program, Newark parents preferred charter schools for their elementary students, but they favored the district high schools over charters for grades 9 … Continue reading

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NEW JERSEY: Reform bill could reshape landscape for charter-school approvals

Long-awaited legislation that would rewrite the state’s charter school law, including a new proposal for easing the tug-of-war over local say in theapplication process, was introduced yesterday by state Assemblyman Troy … Continue reading

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NEW JERSEY receives 38 applications for new charter schools

State officials have received 38 applications for new charter schools, including proposals for schools with an emphasis on the fashion industry, health and technology, and business skills, according to a … Continue reading

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Time to rejuvenate NEW JERSEY charter school law

Charter schools were created on the premise that educators would be given the freedom to innovate in exchange for greater accountability, a heightened expectation of student achievement and the testing … Continue reading

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NEW JERSEY closing 2 charter schools, renewing 10

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey officials have told two charter schools that their charters are being revoked and they will be closed at the end of the academic year. … Continue reading

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NEW JERSEY approves new charter schools for Newark and Camden

State officials today approved two new charter schools, the Excellence Charter School in Camden and the Link Community Charter School in Newark. Excellence was approved for grades K-12, with a … Continue reading

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NEW JERSEY: Assemblyman unveils much-anticipated final draft of charter legislation

A new bill will soon be added to the debate over how – and how much – to revise the state’s nearly 20-year-old charter school law. State Assemblyman Troy Singleton … Continue reading

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NEW JERSEY: Bill passes Senate requiring school districts to allow charter, vo-tech or home-schooled students to play sports

The Senate Education Committee approved a bill this morning that requires school districts to allow students who live in the district but attend charter or vocational schools or who receive … Continue reading

December 16, 2013 · Leave a comment

NEW JERSEY: 1 in 5 Newark and Camden public school students attend charter schools

One in five public school students in Newark and Camden attend charter schools, according to a new national report. Newark’s charter school enrollment ranks fourth in the nation in growth, … Continue reading

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NEW JERSEY: Bill Gates chats with Franklin Township students live via Internet

Computer science students at a Somerset charter school spoke via live video chat Monday to a true computer and business legend. Bill Gates, founder and former chairman of Microsoft, paid … Continue reading

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NEW JERSEY: Newark’s big play on charter schools

Cami Anderson, the superintendent of Newark schools, has taken enormous heat for nurturing the growth of charter schools, which now educate roughly 1 in 4 kids in the city. She’s … Continue reading

December 2, 2013 · Leave a comment


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