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Charters Need Policy and Community Support

For charter schools to succeed, the schools themselves and the authorizers that approve and monitor them need to uphold the original grand bargain at the heart of the charter movement. … Continue reading

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Charter public schools offer new possibilities to all students

Ray Charles, the great singer from Albany once said, “There are many spokes on the wheel of life. First, we’re here to explore new possibilities.” These words of limitless hope … Continue reading

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House Steams Ahead on Charter School Expansion

A bipartisan bill that would free up more federal money to fund the growth of high-quality charter schools sailed through the House on Friday, just hours after the chamber also … Continue reading

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Congress to consider charter-school legislation

A bipartisan group of senators plans to introduce a bill Wednesday meant to encourage the growth of charter schools across the country, mirroring legislation expected to be taken up in … Continue reading

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Legislation encouraging charter schools gaining support by both Democrats and Republicans

On both sides of the Capitol, lawmakers are promoting legislation to encourage growth of charter schools. It’s an issue that has united Democrats and Republicans, even Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La. … Continue reading

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Charter schools prove to be true to their purpose

Try a little thought experiment. Suppose somebody invented a new kind of hospital. At first, nobody — not even the inventors — knew if it would work. But gradually the … Continue reading

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Stop Attacking Charter Schools

Try a little thought experiment. Suppose somebody invented a new kind of hospital. At first, nobody—not even the inventors—knew whether these new hospitals would work. But gradually the evidence came … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Dominate “Most Challenging” List

The Washington Post puts out it’s annual list of “most challenging high schools” — seven from Houston are in the top 100, and all of them are charter schools. The … Continue reading

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WrestleMania Treatment for Charter Schools in New Orleans

The charter school world got body slammed once again at the National School Boards Conference. For this reason, it seemed appropriate that the NSBA’s 5,000 delegates shared the convention center … Continue reading

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Bill Aims to Boost Growth of High-Quality Charter Schools; Cross-Aisle Support Seen

States and districts would be encouraged to help grow high-quality charter schools—and ensure that they enroll and retain English-language learners and students in special education—under a rare, bipartisan bill introduced … Continue reading

April 1, 2014 · Leave a comment

Charter Schools, the Time Is Now to Take on Special Ed in a Big Way

Charter schools and special education. Two concepts antithetical to each other? Not in my book. A handful of public charters are already doing a bang-up job educating kids with disabilities, … Continue reading

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Charter schools will help at-risk students

I recently retired from a 30-year teachingcareer with a smile and a sense of satisfaction, a job I thought well done. During the following weeks and months, I spent a considerable … Continue reading

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