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Charter bill in Florida House challenged by school districts

A bill that supporters say will make it easier for high-quality charter school chains to expand in Florida passed the House last week. But in the final days of the … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: Charter Schools Win Contract Victory

Legislation to create a standardized contract between charter schools and local school districts cleared a divided state House today. It passed over the objections of most school boards. Florida created … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School shows new vision for local schools

In celebration of a project that will further blur the lines between traditional and charter schools, developer Armando Codina and members of the Miami-Dade School Board joined together in dusty … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: Jacksonville charter school gets go ahead

The Duval School Board Tuesday night approved an application allowing a new charter school to be built in the city’s Southside near a site where the school district already plans … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: Senate panel sends strong message on controversial school choice bill

The Senate Education Committee on Tuesday gutted a controversial education proposal aimed at creating a more favorable environment for charter schools. The original bill, filed by Sen. Rob Bradley, R-Fleming Island, … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: School choice bills spark debate, controversy in Florida

TALLAHASSEE — Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate have ambitious plans to provide Florida’s 2.7 million schoolchildren with more choices in education. Their focus: fostering the growth of charter … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: Senate passes bill encouraging state-level collaboration for military charter schools

TALLAHASSEE — On the heels of a tug-of-war over a proposed charter school at MacDill Air Force Base, the state Senate on Tuesday approved a bill encouraging military commanders to … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: Hillsborough charter schools plan joint marketing effort

Faced with student migrations away from traditional schools, Tampa-area school districts have begun creating new academic options in hopes that families will return. Charter schools — the primary target of … Continue reading

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FLORIDA charter schools grads stay in college longer, make more $

Students who attend Florida charter high schools are more likely to persist in college and earn more money than their counterparts in district schools, an “especially striking” finding given little … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: House bill would ease path for out-of-state charter schools to open in Florida

Model contracts and shared facilities dominated discussion of a proposed new charter school bill (go to p. 57 of the packet) in the House Choice and Innovation subcommitee Thursday. Tucked into the end of … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: More charter schools for U.S. military bases?

There’s a noteworthy backdrop behind the tug-of-war over a proposed charter school for MacDill Air Force Base in Florida: The U.S. Department of Defense is re-thinking how its on-base schools serve military … Continue reading

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FLORIDA: With charter enrollment surging, Miami-Dade public schools look to tighten the rules

As the Miami-Dade School Board looks to improve its grip on charter schools, a new national report shows that Florida’s vast network of independent schools is expanding perhaps faster than … Continue reading

December 12, 2013 · Leave a comment


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