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COLORADO: New charter school focuses on special needs students

DENVER – Christine Ferris has come to Colorado from California with one mission in mind. She wants to create something special for special needs students in Denver. “If kids feel … Continue reading

June 20, 2014 · Leave a comment

DeGrow: Let’s stop shortchanging Colorado’s charter schools

Parents who choose a charter school are learning their children most likely are being shortchanged. While recent moves in Colorado would make progress toward evening up funds for charters, the … Continue reading

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COLORADO: Polis: Public school choice is an asset to improve all schools

Every child has his or her own unique learning needs. While some students prefer to read books, others favor hands-on learning experiences or need help to learn English in addition … Continue reading

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COLORADO: Parker charter school gets national spotlight

North Star Academy noted for character education Parker’s North Star Academy gained national recognition for its character education program, which emphasizes personal development as well as community service. The National … Continue reading

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What This Week’s Elections Mean for Charter Schools

While there were only a small number of elections and referendums at stake on Tuesday, some of them had big implications for public charter schools: 1.  Virginia will likely remain … Continue reading

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James Irwin seeks to open unique trade school, has backing of Colorado Springs businessmen

Charter school powerhouse James Irwin wants to open an entrepreneurial trade school for middle and high school students interested in learning construction and manufacturing skills – and have them ready … Continue reading

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COLORADO: Academy 360 aims to change the conversation

It was 7:45 a.m. on a cloudy Monday morning. About 100 children hopped up and down on the cracked asphalt outside their school, pretending to dribble basketballs, toss baseballs and … Continue reading

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COLORADO: Charter school movement still grows 20 years later

DENVER – Trying to be unique is something at the essence of every charter school. When Sally Sorte founded Academy 360, she joined a movement 20 years in the making. … Continue reading

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15 new COLORADO charter schools open their doors this fall, educating an additional 3,500 students

DENVER – The Colorado League of Charter Schools announced that 15 new charter schools will open their doors in Colorado for the 2013-14 school year, collectively serving more than 3,500 … Continue reading

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COLORADO: Spreading wellness to charter schools

At Global Village Academy in Northglenn, students study Spanish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese starting in kindergarten. The focus on foreign language is a major draw for families, but it also … Continue reading

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Growing excellent public charter schools in COLORADO depends on policy

In Colorado and across the country, students, families and communities demand excellent schools. Parents want their children to attend schools where they can learn, grow and develop skills that will … Continue reading

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COLORADO: When the good guys in education reform prevailed

Twenty years ago this week, Gov. Roy Romer signed the single most significant piece of school reform legislation of the past generation. As a result, 97,000 students will enroll this … Continue reading

June 5, 2013 · Leave a comment


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