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CALIFORNIA: Charter Schools $100,000 opposition helps sink district’s bond measure

Earlier this month, and for the first time, the political arm of the California Charter Schools Association campaigned heavily against a proposed school construction bond in a district that hadn’t … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: SoCal charter schools win $1.5 million in grants to improve kids’ health

Sixteen California charter schools have been awarded more than $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Education to improve the health of school-age kids. The biggest local winner, 4,000-student ICEF … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: Charter schools may take over vacant L.A. Unified campuses

The Los Angeles Board of Education directed district staff Tuesday to enter negotiations with two charter school operators who are seeking to redevelop four campuses in the San Fernando Valley … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles charter students learn more than in traditional public schools

Stanford University’s Center for Research on Economic Outcomes (CREDO) issued a report Saturday that found charter school students in Los Angeles learn more in a year than their peers in traditional district … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: Post navigation LAUSD reports increase in charter school co-location approvals

LA Unified has released a preliminary list of charter school co-location proposals, showing that the district is offering more traditional school sites for co-locations for 2014-15 than in either of … Continue reading

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Charter schools: California leads nation in school openings, students

California led the country in opening new charter schools this fiscal year, adding 104 campuses and 48,000 students, according to a report released Wednesday. Data compiled by the National Alliance … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: LAUSD board denies renewal for two high-performing charter schools

In an unusual move, the LA Unified School Board voted yesterday to deny the renewal of two high-performing charter schools. The two schools, Aspire Antonio Maria Lugo Academy, a K-6 school, … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: Charter schools association continues push to weed out low-scoring schools

Upping its campaign to root out what it views as its lowest performing schools, the California Charter Schools Association last week criticized a San Jose school district for allowing a … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: Aspire charters planning to expand ‘blended learning’ model

Aspire Public Schools, a nonprofit charter school operator with 12 schools chartered through LAUSD, announced this morning that it will expand its blending learning curriculum to all of its elementary schools … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: Walton group funds more charter schools in L.A. than elsewhere

  Los Angeles charter schools have been the largest recipients of funding from the foundation associated with the family that started Wal-Mart, according to figures released Wednesday. Since 1997, the … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: San Jose school district wins Gates Foundation grant to collaborate with charter schools

SAN JOSE — Departing from traditional hostility between school districts and charter operators, the Franklin-McKinley School District will partner with charter schools to share campuses and training. The southeast San … Continue reading

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CALIFORNIA: New Report: How Los Angeles Charter Schools Answer the College Readiness Challenge

(Los Angeles, CA) – The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) has released a new report on Los Angeles public high schools which shows that charter schools surpass traditional district schools … Continue reading

January 29, 2014 · Leave a comment


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