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Andre Agassi Building More Charter Schools in S. Nevada

agassiEven though the Clark County School District is the fifth largest district in the country, it still has fewer than 20 charter schools to give parents more options in their kids education.

Now, former tennis pro Andre Agassi is stepping up to build more of these charter schools across the country, including right here in Las Vegas.

His newest venture is the Doral Academy at Ft. Apache and Flamingo roads, which opened a few months ago. The waiting list is close to 3,000 students.

Doral Academy, which focuses on learning through art and music, is planning to expand, and Agassi says he will be there to support it.

The academy’s curriculum appealed to Costel Ciobanu and his wife who say they don’t regret enrolling their 6-year-old daughter, Alexa, at this school.

“She is singing all day. She is crying to stay in school. She doesn’t want to come home,” Ciabanu said.

This is the kind of passion for learning that Andre Agassi says he wants to see. He toured Doral Academy with Gov. Brian Sandoval Monday morning.

Agassi poured $10 million from his new real estate investment fund Canyon Agassi to open this campus last fall. He says unlike Agassi Prep Academy, which he launched in 2001 with a focus on low-income students, his new charter schools will be available for any student in the Las Vegas valley to attend.

“We are building 10s and 10s of schools, even 30 to maybe 50 and 60 and even 100s. That is something,” Agassi said.

With fewer than 20 charter schools currently operating in the district, the waiting list is long.

Doral Academy principal Bridget Phillips says she is thankful Agassi is helping to fund another campus for her school in the northwest set to open this fall.

“We want families throughout the valley to have options,” Phillips said.

It is an option that Ciobanus have used.

“It is a great opportunity and great alternative to public system,” Ciobanu said.

Ciobanu says their daughter would be happy to call Doral Academy her school for years to come.

To get in charter schools, it is either a first-come first-served basis or kids are picked by a lottery system like at Doral Academy.

Agassi is also opening another charter school on Losee Road called Somerset Academy that is set to open this fall.

Source: KLAS TV Las Vegas – by Patranya Bhoolsuwan

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