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PENNSYLVANIA: District, Catholic, charter schools share applications

pennsylvaniaFor the first time, students applying to high school at Philadelphia School District, charter, and Catholic schools will be able to start the process with similar one-page applications, Mayor Nutter’s Office of Education announced.

The forms were developed by the district, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Charter Schools for Excellence, and other organizations that are members of the Great Schools Compact.

“This has been one of the things that the compact has been talking about from the very beginning,” said Lori Shorr, the city’s chief education officer.

“The operators thought it was a good idea to have a more simplified way of applying to high school,” she said. “I believe it will be a helpful thing for parents and teenagers who are applying to high schools.”

The project encompasses district high schools, 30 charter schools with high school programs, and Catholic high schools managed by the Faith in the Future Foundation. The independent foundation was created in 2012 with the goal of raising $100 million over the next five years to support the 17 Catholic high schools in the archdiocese and has been managing them for more than a year.

The participating schools have agreed to share the same Dec. 6 application deadline for ninth-grade and high school transfers.

Schools will attempt to inform applicants of decisions – including lottery results for charter schools – in late January.

Students applying for special-admission district schools, such as Central, Masterman, and the High School of Creative and Performing Arts, will still have to meet any additional requirements those schools may have.

Applications for the 2014-15 academic year can be found online at Printed forms will be available at all participating schools and included in all of the city school guides that are published by GreatPhillySchools.

One form can be used to apply to up to five district high schools and five Catholic high schools. Students who want to apply to several charter schools will have to submit an application to each.

Shorr said funds from a Gates Foundation grant to the Philadelphia School Partnership paid Compact staffers who worked on the project.

Source: – by Martha Woodall

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