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NYC mayor’s race could affect school choice

school-choiceNew York City’s public charter schools are at stake in November’s mayoral election.

While Democrat candidate Bill de Blasio says he will charge rent to the 108 charter schools running in Department of Education-owned buildings — which charter school proponents and operators say would be devastating — Republican candidate Joe Lhota plans to double the number of charter schools and allow them to continue running rent-free.

Neither campaign returned repeated calls for comment.

New York City’s 183 charter schools, which accept students based on a lottery drawing, serve 70,000 students. An estimated 50,400 applicants were wait-listed for the 2013-2014 school year, according to the New York City Charter School Center.  About 60 percent of the students are black, 33 percent are Hispanic, and 73 percent qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

Co-location – or running traditional public and public charter schools in the same building – saves taxpayers about $3,000 per student per year, according to a study by Save Our States. Including pension and health care costs, public schools require $20,000 per student, while co-locating charters cost less than $17,000, the study found.

Seventeen thousand charter school proponents rallied in New York City on Tuesday to support the city’s privately operated, publicly funded schools. Families for Excellent Schools sponsored the rally.

“The majority of children in charter school are from that other city that Bill de Blasio likes to tell tales about, yet their voices fall on deaf ears – his deaf ears in particular,” Lhota told Newsday, referring to de Blasio’s “Tale of Two Cities” — the millionaires and the poor — campaign platform.

“Bill de Blasio believes charter schools have a role to play, but he won’t favor them over traditional public schools,” the de Blasio campaign told CBS New York.

Source: – by Mary C. Tillotson

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