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MISSOURI: Charter Schools in the City of St. Louis Show Success

Charters Provide Choices for St. Louis Families

successNew test results released today prove that charter schools are a strong alternative for a quality, free public education for students in the City of St. Louis.

Results from the Missouri School Improvement Plan [], or MSIP5, were released today. It’s the first year that public schools throughout the state are being evaluated by new standards.State education leaders intend to use three years’ worth of testing data to decide on a district’s accreditation.

The results for charter schools, in particular, are really encouraging.  The MSIP5 charter school results are proof that kids can and want to learn and that educators want to teach and lead in a city where innovation and entrepreneurialism are supported.  The result is good education options for families who want to live in the City of St. Louis and for the City’s current 49,000 school-aged children.

“Families have access to good public schools in a City that is affordable, vibrant and welcoming,” said Mayor Francis Slay.  “Our kids are our priority, and these results show that our process for approving public charter schools works.”

Charter schools are free public schools that operate independent of the St. Louis Public School District.  The charter schools supported by Mayor Slay, recognized as quality schools using the MSIP5 standards, are:

  • City Garden Montessori (100)
  • Gateway Science Academy (middle and high schools; 87.9)
  • KIPP Inspire (85.7)
  • North Side Community School (100)
  • St. Louis Language Immersion (French, Spanish and Mandarin schools; 75)
  • Grand Center Arts Academy (middle and high schools; 98)

The Carondelet Leadership Academy (58.6), also supported by Mayor Slay, has seen significant gains.

Education is a core component of the Mayor’s Sustainability Plan.  He has called for opening 20 additional quality, public charter schools over the next five years.  Three new charter schools have opened this school year: Lafayette Prep Academy, Gateway Science Academy—Gardenville and EAGLE Preparatory Academy. This brings the total of new schools opened with support of Mayor Slay to18 since 2006 when he first called for quality charter schools to come to St. Louis. In addition to new and innovative schools, the goal is to replicate performing schools so that other families can have access to quality public schools in their neighborhood.

Source: The City of St. Louis, Missouri

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