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WISCONSIN: National Charter Schools Week Recap

national-charter-schools-weekWe recently celebrated National Charter Schools Week. Governor Walker proclaimed the week of May 6th as Wisconsin Charter Schools Week so that all who devote themselves to this work could be recognized for their outstanding efforts across our state, be it Charter School principals, teachers, school support staff, charter school parents, governing board members, community supporters, financial supporters and stakeholders.

On Thursday, May 9th 2013, we had the great pleasure of listening to the former State Senator from Minnesota who pioneered the first charter school law in the country speak at our Advocacy Day Event, Ember Reinchott Junge. She shared the story with our attendees of the origin of the charter school movement. Intrigued? Check out the recap on our website. What an inspiration she was to us all! We are on the brink of making history in Wisconsin for our charter schools. Thank you to all who attended our event. The legislative meetings were critical. Your voices were heard. We have no time to waste, the time is now to overhaul our law!

National Charter Schools Week is a great opportunity for those of us who work with charter schools to reflect upon the previous year, assess the present and plan for the future. It is a time to connect with those in the movement in our state and around the country or make plans to do so like for instance to attend the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools National Conference in early July. Please consider joining me at this conference in Washington DC.

Advocating is about coming together to support your cause or idea. At WCSA, we advocate together as a membership organization for the Charter School Movement in Wisconsin and on behalf of the charter school movement nationally.

In addition, as we advocate for charter schools we also educate about the charter school movement. One question we continue to get asked is how is a Charter School different from a school voucher? There is much discussion and resulting confusion over the difference between public charter schools and school vouchers. These are, in fact, very different from each other. A school voucher gives a student some of the tax money the district would have spent to educate that student, and allows the student to use the money to pay for tuition at a private or religious school.

Charter schools are always public schools. Always. They never charge tuition, and are NOT private schools. Charter schools bring innovation to Wisconsin public schools and work to revitalize public education in our state. Public charter schools are NOT associated with private schools or school vouchers in any way.

The WCSA focuses its efforts fully on public charter schools, and advocates on behalf of public charter schools.

Thanks again to all who advocated on behalf of the chartered school movement!

Source: Wisconsin Charter Schools Association – by Carrie Bonk

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