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Building Excellent Schools Awards the Inflexion Fund to Three High Performing Charter Schools

charter-schoolsBuilding Excellent Schools (BES) announces that three high performing charter schools are the recipients of the newly created Inflexion Fund: Phoenix Collegiate (Phoenix, AZ), United Schools Network (Columbus, OH), and Equitas Academy (Los Angeles, CA). All three schools are current members of the Excellent Schools Network, a select group of BES Fellow-founded schools that have demonstrated strong academic results, sound organizational practices and the ability to close the achievement gap in their communities.

The Inflexion Fund was created to assist high quality charter schools develop into high quality charter management organizations (CMO), while not compromising academic performance. “The Inflexion Fund ensures that high performing charters schools grow prudently, guided in their growth by a focus on student achievement,” explains Matt Brunell, Chief Operating Officer of BES. Over a three year period, Building Excellent Schools will provide schools in the Inflexion Fund with $2.4 million in direct grants for school and CMO development. This funding is contingent upon each school securing local philanthropic funds to support self-sufficient school operations. Additionally, schools in the Inflexion Fund will have access to strategic, financial planning and leadership development support from Building Excellent Schools. School leaders will also have the opportunity to exchange best practices and learn from established CMOs founded by BES Fellows.

To qualify for the Inflexion Fund, schools need to be identified as high-quality with a deep leadership bench, participate as a member of the Excellent Schools Network, and commit to particular guidelines of the growth plan. United Schools Network, Phoenix Collegiate, and Equitas Academy have made enormous impacts in their community and continue to strive to ensure each scholar succeeds in college. “The Inflexion Fund will allow [us] to take a proven model of excellence to a scale that will impact low-income students in the thousands. In doing so, we will dramatically change the conversation from what could be possible to what is possible,” says Rachel Bennett Yanof, BES Fellow and Executive Director of Phoenix Collegiate Academy.

Building Excellent Schools (BES) ( is a trailblazing nonprofit that raises the quality of urban charter schools by supporting entrepreneurial individuals to design, found, lead, and sustain schools in underserved communities. The flagship BES program is the BES Fellowship—a rigorous, yearlong, comprehensive training program in urban charter school creation and leadership. In both starting a school (the BES Fellowship) and sustaining a school (Connect to Excellence from BES, BES Emerging Leaders, and the BES Excellent Schools Network), BES holds the core belief that academic performance drives every element of a school, including design, leadership, culture, decisions, and governance.

Source: Digital Journal (Press Release)

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