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CALIFORNIA: La Mesa Charter School Learning Centers Welcomes Parents


Horton Annex Learning Center, The Charter School of San Diego

The teachers of the Severin La Mesa and Jackson La Mesa Learning Centers welcome parents and student to visit the centers. A scheduled or impromptu visit is the best way to get to know the teachers and gather information about the program.

The Charter School of San Diego has been an educational option for students in grades 7-12 for the past 16 years. Its instructional design is based on a “University Model,” where students work independently and attend classes, labs, or tutorials two-to-five times per week. Students attend at scheduled times, ensuring that there are never more than 20 students on site at one time.

CSSD is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It is in good standing with its granting district and has documentation demonstrating exceptionally positive student outcomes. Student work is governed by a course syllabus that is consistent with the standards prescribed by the California Department of Education. The course syllabus contains lessons developed by subject-matter experts who hold a California Credential.

Students take one to two courses at a time. By concentrating on one to two subjects, students are able to better focus on content. Students are expected to complete a minimum of one course every four weeks. Classes operate year-round so that students may continuously progress in school. Specialist teachers in the fields of math and science are available to work with students. Preparation for the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) is also provided to all students.

CSSD recently launched its Pathways Program to assist students in taking one of four pathways after high school. The four pathways are: four-year university, community college, military and vocational preparedness. Pathways was created in response to a growing number of students who needed assistance in preparing a post-secondary plan. Using career interest inventories and personality surveys, students can better understand who they are early on and start pursuing their goals during high school. The Pathways Program facilitates student academic and career focus.

Source: La Mesa Courier

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